…Of Unicorns and Rainbows



If you are queer you’ll know that many at times, whenever someone makes a comment about gay people or being gay, they make reference to rainbows and unicorns.


The combined definition for ‘Rainbows and Unicorns’ usually refers to a feeling of perpetual bliss; only to be described as pure happiness and satisfaction.


This describes what it means to finally find your true happy ending. As a queer person, one goes through so many troubles that being accepted by your peers and loved ones brings you to a happy place. Because unicorns are nature’s most mystical creatures, when you ‘find your Unicorn’ you have reached your rainbow and therefore your ultimate happiness.


Being gay is unique. It used to be very very rare to meet an openly gay man. LGBT is all inclusive…no one is excluded or discriminated against under the rainbow…it is made up of all colors, from there the reference to rainbows.

So let us all be happy and fart rainbows!







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