5 Lovely Conversations  Between Gay Teens And Their Parents: Coming Out.

Coming out has never been easy, but some family members just know how to love best!

Below are 5 adorable coversations gay teens had with their family and the responses are hilarious!!!

1. Oww… Granny showing love!!!

2. Dads are the best, well the accepting ones…

3. Dads also know that being queer is no biggie!

4. Love Trumps Hate right there!!!

5. Love is a big deal!!! Show it!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. TTM says:

    Nice! I dont agree with the second point though. If I was that dad, i’ll be wondering if my son is sleeping with an older man (perhaps my age). No dad would like that, especially if his son is just a teenager.


    1. True. You’ll be a very good dad!!! Too much love!


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