10 Things Every Gay Man Should Do Before They Die!


  1. Stop using the term Straight Acting. This term troubles my life. Searching for apples in another man’s crotch isn’t an act that most straight men get into.
  2. Take a “gaycation.” There is still something unique and special about partying in a place where almost everybody else is an invert.Plan your trip, tag-along a friend and live life to the fullest!
  3. Write a book. Share your story; every bit of your story is important.Also, guys should have a book collection of some sort. It doesn’t have to be huge.
  4. Adopt A Pet.  It’s just an awesome thing to do. Pets are too cute and as gay men, cute is what we like!
  5. Help gay youth. This is important. This is one of the things that should be on every gay man’s bucket list. Remember that you were once a insecure, naïve little lamb!

  6. Stop Hitting on Your Straight Friends.  Remember that the casual flirt or shoulder touch is not out of the question. Not everyone wears a giant sign that says I am gay, so an exploratory maneuver is sometimes necessary. It is however important to also have straight friends and know their world. Not only will you get a variety of life experiences from which to learn, you may find someone who’s completely fun in a way you never expected.
  7. Get your music together. Gay guys should have a favorite album, something that really speaks to your inner being. It’ll give you something to talk about on dates and it is also a way of sharing who you are with other people.
  8. Know how to be safe. Not just using condoms properly to help prevent STD’s, but also how to meet people for dates, how to avoid dangerous areas that might have gay-bashers lurking nearby, how not to get “roofed,” how to say “no” if sex begins to be uncomfortable/weird/outside of boundaries, and how to get help.
  9. Know your culture. Read some of the cornerstones of gay literature. Understand the importance of music, and why gay men of back then (and today) love their divas. Know who know these iconic, influential women were or still are.
  10. Limit shade throwing. Throwing shade is fun and all, but doing it every damn time you open your filthy whore mouth is unnecessary.

@zuleitmatthys on Twitter #queersky


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