Top 5: Celebrities Every Gay Man Should Love! (World Edition)

My top 5 female Gay Icons.

Despite the gloom bigots dictate onto gays, being fabulous (gay), you become the master of finer things in life. Like many gay men I am obsessed with popular culture. Pop culture inhabits the lives of many gay men, whether it comes in the form of movies or magazines, TV, shopping or simply creeping into the lives of celebrities. I love women. I worship women. But only if they have fame, talent, and the charisma to liven my inner diva. Below are the 5 biggest stars every gay man should make part of their life:

5. Janelle Monae


I started loving Monae through RuPaul’s Drag Race when one particular Queen, Milan, dressed up as Monae (even if she got tough criticism for wearing pants.) She is my woman crush! She is simply beautiful. You should love her too as she is a tough gay alley! She stressed on a Sway how she was a firm supporter of the gay community: “I am an advocate – I have friends who are in, you know, same-sex relationships and I think that love has no sexual orientation. Love has no religious beliefs. Love is the purest thing and one of the most important things that we can possess for ourselves and for others.” Her albums include: The ArchAndroid (2010), The Electric Lady (2013), Wondaland Presents: The Eephus (2015, EP) and The Audition (2003, EP), among others.

4. Diana Ross


I first started following the life and career of Ross in 2015 (I know- so late!) Her smile, vocal uplift and her unbreakable sparkle all add up to the diva gay men love. Performances include movies like Lady Sings The Blues, Mahogany, The Wiz, ect. Her 1968 Funny Girl album may be one of the most gay-friendly acts in history! Diana & Marvin (1973), Diana (1980) Silk Electric (1982), Love Child (1968) and Touch Me in the Morning (1973) are some of the classical Ross albums you should listen to. She is a sweetheart!

3. Cher


The Legendary Miss Cher! During my years of being my young fierce fabulous self, I never really understood what the hell a Cher was and why gay men are obsessed with it. Then I watched Burlesque, I think like three years ago, and I loved the queen that is Miss Cher. Cher is a truly remarkable woman,  and she deserves all the love she can get from gay men! Cher became notable in the gay community not only for her music, but for her portrayal of a lesbian in Silkwood (1983), for which she received an Academy Award nomination. Also, in later years, her son Chaz Bono came out as gay at the age of 17. The 2010 musical, Burlesque is a must see (if you haven’t), I would also recommend Moonstruck (1987). Albums include: Closer to the Truth, Believe, and Heart of Stone.

2. Lady Gaga


Everybody loves to go gaga about Gaga’s drag. Her sound. Her Bisexuality and her open heart for queer folks. Last year, gaga increased her gay icon status when she opened her heart and hands for homeless queer people. After all, during her concert, (the one where they had a Superbowl match or something 😀 ) attracted huge numbers of gay men! Gaga means so much to me, growing up gay, in a anti-gay society, her music gave me so much strength and purpose. Every gay man needs to love her for who she is.

  1. Beyoncé


All hail to the Goddess: Queen Bey! She is pure Extravaganza Eleganza! Listening to Beyoncé’s music and following her life is pure bliss! Beyonce has, at countless times, supported gay culture and she evidently adores and appreciates her gay fan base. I have spent a lot of time worshiping I’ve spent countless hours dancing to her super awesome tracks alone in my room. Beyonce is like fiction, something surreal and she has talent, now mix that with fierce and you get Shasha Fierce!

This list can go on and on, especially with the growing support the LGBT+ community gets from pop stars the world over!

“To reach gay icon status, one has to be able to relate to us through flamboyance, strength, triumph over adversity, glamour and even androgyny. Divas with powerhouse voices, gay anthems, over-the-top personalities and an unapologetic and unforgettable approach to fashion that would inspire envy in a drag queen are likely to become gay icons,” Huffington Post.

-Additional info sourced from Wikipedia.


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