Being Gay In Conservative Namibia


Just A Little Love: Madam Jholerina Timbo, a trans rights activist and founder of Wings To Transcend organisation in Windhoek, gives a speech at Swakopmund Gay Pride, June 4, 2016, Namibia. (Photo: GettyImages)

Ninety-Nine percent of Namibia’s population is made up of people with orthodox views. So called “Christian Nation”. I personally do not have anything against religious people. I crew up as a church boy after all. I just hate the fact that many Namibians use their religion to try and dictate the lifestyle of others. It is also in the bible that no sin is greater than the other, but people don’t understand such simple things at all.

It comes as no surprise that after so many years Namibians make the most narrow-minded remarks when they see gay people. Especially Drag Queens.  This afternoon in town I saw two Drag Queens walking past me and my friend and one of them was busy beating her face. (I think applying make up while walking is unacceptable, regardless of it being done by men or women- some things demand respect). Okay, and as we are walking past, a string of women who were selling stuff in the street were dying of laughter. Busy making very mean remarks, it is sad. Especially, considering they were sitting under trees, desperately looking for buyers for their items, which I don’t remember, of course.

I don’t know shit about those two Queens, but I do not condone of such childish, narrow-minded behaviour around me. It is sickening- in a bad way, of course. I was so pissed. Growing up, I was called mean names for being gay and it is not okay to make fun of someone for who they are.

Does it have anything to do with illiteracy?

My country has high numbers of illiterate people, just like many countries in Africa. Does it have to do with people not knowing what homosexuality is or… WTF???

I come from a small Southern town called Aranos, where people are very behind with life. Back in my hometown, people think that being gay means you want to be a woman. I believed that too. Until I realised that being gay and being Transgendered are two different things.

I migrated to the capital like 5 years ago and I learned a lot. I don’t want to be a woman is the first. Second, it is okay to dress as a man if you are gay. Which is who I am. There are many different types of Queer people, but I identify as gay and it is okay.

The less I associate myself with illiterate people, the number of people that find me inhuman reduces. So, if it does have something to do with the level of intelligence of some people, we have a bloody long way to go. It is sad as fuck!

I don’t want to get political and call our education system a mess, so I’ll just let it go. Oh wait…

Gay Term School For Dummies

So I have decided to instead school people on the three important terms conservative Namibians confuse a lot.

Gay– The term gay means a man, or woman, who finds members of the same sex attractive  sexually.

Drag Queen/Butch Lesbian– This Humans are comfortable with their sexual identity. Drag Queens are gay men who dress up as woman (usually in an exaggerated way, for entertainment purposes). Butch Lesbians are gay women whose associated traits, behaviors, styles, self-perception are those of a man, but is still a gay woman.

Transgender– This are humans whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex. Usually this people are are born in the wrong bodies. They are not gay. If they identify themselves as female while they are male by birth, they are female!!!

Sexuality Is Not A Choice

Homosexuals choose to be gay just as much as heterosexuals choose to be straight. An example of a choice is you not being serious with your education and life and end up being a street vendor. A choice is also you giving up on your dreams.

Sexuality on the other hand is not a choice. It not like I woke up one day and said; “Oh, I want poop butterflies and eat rainbows, let me be gay.” No, it does not work that way. Homosexuality is simply a genetic variance in nature that is just as much of a choice as people born left handed. Now sit down.

Understand Us

We are human. Just like you. We have feelings. Desires. Dreams. Talent. Uniqueness.  It can be hard to accept something you don’t feel you understand, but it is simple. Firstly, do not stereotype LGBT+ people. The more you learn to let go of stereotypes, the easier it will be to begin understanding and accepting people. Don’t be an ego-maniac! Huh! Do not assume a gay person is attracted to you just because they share your gender. They probably aren’t. Get yourself a gay friend. It will help you. You will become a better, less angry human if you just show love. Also, gay people are pretty cool. Gay people are as capable to do any job the same way (or even better) any straight person can.

Lastly, same sex couples getting married, will not change anything in your life. We all want to be happy. That’s why we are on earth. To find happiness. Let love reign.


@zuleitmatthys #myqueersky


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  1. Martin says:

    Great post with lively bits of humor. Lgbt rights are human rights


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