Oops: I Think I Am A Gay Cliché!

Usually, when I am sober, I am calm. But it is when drunk-me makes his appearance that I become loud, bitchy and shady! I throw copious amounts of shade! I become “too gay”, according to bigoted people.

Growing up, I would walk around saying “I ain’t no gay cliché !” I boasted about it. I don’t even know why I thought it was a good thing. Oh, yeah. I wanted to please society, especially when society tends to degrade gay men for things that are human. I guess I also didn’t want to seen as THAT gay guy.

It was was not until 2015 that I realised I kind of have gay stereotype vibes. Like I am conforming gay stereotypes. Okay, I don’t wear dresses and put on make up or obsessed with shopping or rape children like many untrue stereotypes bigots make up about gay men. I am actually a very messy person. My bedroom is a mess. Still, I think there are three things in my life that are seen as gay stereotypes:

My Obsession With Pop-Culture


I am obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race (America’s biggest Drag Queen television show). I love this show. It is fascinating how these queens are dedicated to their art. I love classics, like Cher and Madonna. I am obsessed with Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I am super addicted to drag slang, gurl!

My Daddy Issues


When I was 2 years old, my stepfather married my mom. I grew up loving him as my own, because apparently, my biological father was only a sperm donor. I never really felt the absence of a father figure, but still, sometimes you wonder…

My Obsession With HookUp Culture


Okay, maybe I am going through a phase, but I love random sexual encounters. A relationship is not really something I am interested in at this stage in my life. Its like I am building a reputation for being promiscuous, I am on Grindr… Duh! I think I also have Grindr-guy stereotypes. I have actually never really loved someone other than my family members. (Hold up, before you judge me, I will dedicate my next blog post on my Grindr experience.)

I don’t know if being stereotypical gay is wrong. What if someone actually has all the stereotypes, will they be too gay? Is being too gay a bad thing? I have gay cliches. I make light of my likenesses because most of the gay cliches are actually true, but maybe not in they way most bigots think.

The below Stereotypes are STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE and plain HATE:

1. There’s a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ in gay relationships.

This is pure ignorance and stupidity. This is extremely untrue, I want to date a man, and that is the point. If I were to date someone, they are not the ‘man’ and I am most definitely not the ‘woman.’ We are both MEN!

2. All gay men have HIV/AIDS.

Honestly, people still think this. Just because I am gay doesn’t mean I automatically have AIDS. We know about PrEP and Condom also. Seriously, I didn’t attend those “My Future Is My Choice” workshops at school for no reason.

3. All gay men are all wild sex maniacs who are incapable of monogamy.

No! Not ALL gay men are sex addicts. I am not too. I just might have an issue with committing to someone right now, but I don’t live for sex. There are many gay men who are in serious committed relationships and also those who are happily married.

4. All gay men have style and Are Neat

Not all gay men have style. I don’t. I just wear whatever I see fit and walk out of my messy room. I hate cooking. I hate cleaning. Or maybe I am just lazy. Anyway, the point is not all gay men are clean. Stop generalizing shit.

5. Gay men can’t be trusted around male children

One of my uncles told me he don’t trust me around his kid. Just because I adore the boy. He is a cutie. I don’t know if he really meant it because he said it in a jokingly manner. Then the other day I was reading some queer stories and read something about gay people being portrayed as male child rapists. Then it hit me: He heard it somewhere. No, I don’t want to rape my cousin. I am not a pedophile. I am not even attracted to people my age (early twenties) why the hell would I wanna rape a kid? People should know that gay people are not automatically pedophiles. You become a pedophile when you lust or rape kids. Regardless of you being gay or straight. Now shit down!

-@officialzuleit on Twitter


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