Why You Should Be A LGBT+ Ally

The ability of same-sex couples to get married doesn’t alter a single aspect of heterosexual marriages, directly or indirectly. Not at all. There ain’t nobody who will be affected in any way if equality, respect, dignity, and a sense of belonging is upheld. On the contrary, when these values are not endorsed, it has the potential to affect us all.

Therefore showing support to the LGBT+ community in a world of hypocrisy shows love and your disapproval of ignorance. Stars over the world have all taken strides in advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights. In fact, I would not recommend homophobia to any celebrity. You simply cannot be a star and be a homophobe. Be an ally by challenging homophobic comments and attitudes and help to create LGBT friendly world.

Allowing same-sex marriage is about extending the privileges already enjoyed by the majority to an excluded minority who differ simply in terms of the sex of the person with whom they are in a committed relationship.

Many people refuse to be associated (or befriend) gay people, sometimes because they think it is an embarrassment, which is painful and very stupid. Gay people are as human as any heterosexual is. There is no shame in having a gay friend.

This is why: We are human, too. We breathe the same air. We have feelings. Treat your gay and lesbian friends the same way you would treat heterosexual friends who are sexually active. You can show love to someone without approving of what they do. Because see, I love my Christian friends/family, even though I am agnostic, and I don’t judge them for believing in a God I don’t.


How can you be an ally?

  • Learn more about homosexuality: One great way to support homosexuality would be providing information on homosexuality and learning more yourself.
  • Embrace our identity: As much as you accept homosexuality, you shouldn’t be afraid to stick up for your homosexual friend if they’re bullied or harassed. People can be pretty mean, showing your friend that you are there for them, would mean the world to them.
  • Switch your perspective: Imagine the entire world being gay and you are heterosexual. The same pressure you would feel is placed on homosexuals. Trying to be in the shoes of homosexuals will give you a better understanding.
  • Be an active activist: Firstly, show your support by not posting, sharing or supporting anti-gay statements on social media or in the general public. Then, become an active social supporter.
  • Donate: Donating to organisations that fight for equality and same-sex marriages can help these organisations reach the mission goals. (I will provide links at the bottom of this article.)

The world is a tough place for LGBT+ people and we are still discriminated against, we fear physical violence, we have to listen to ugly comments, we worry about keeping our job. We are forced to constantly worry about our future. If you can lend a hand in helping us, do it! Give you gay colleague, friend, neighbour a hug and tell them they matter.




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