My Perspective On 5 Common Types of Gay Guys


People, especially heterosexuals conclude that if you are gay you live for drama. Like if you are gay you often start shit for no reason and become bitchy and obnoxious. No! This is a stupid stereotype. Personally, I get bitchy and overly dramatic, sometimes, only sometimes really. The Gay community is a big one. We are different guys, with different interests. I have had experiences with about five types of gay guys and have a different perspective about each of them.

*Please note that this is not me judging people for who they are, but just a general thought on my experience with them and, I must confess, I posses some of the traits below too.

  1. The Baby-Gay

Okay firstly, my bestfriend ( my fag-hag in the gay world) calls me this, largely because I act like one, although I came out like 8 years ago. A baby-gay is basically a young gay guy who newly came out. I find baby-gays very naive and they have  a completely different (sometimes wrong) idea of what being gay is about. Baby-gays are often homophobic homosexuals. I just think they tend to think their type of gay (top/bottom/drag,etc), is the only gay there can be. I know this also because when I came out, I was everything I described above.

2. The Straight-Acting Gay

Recently, someone told me they are straight acting and in actual they are out and proud and there was nothing ‘straight’ about them. The flamboyance was overpowering. Personally, I find it very annoying when people come up to me and tell me they are straight-acting. Because straight-acting gay would make you the least stereotypically gay guy and no one will assume you are gay. The straight-acting gay is usually discriminatory of other gay types, especially drag queens and I find it very annoying. This are the type of guys who will hit you with a “please be manly” and “no femme guys please” and “I am a man and looking for the same.”

3. Political Gay Guy

Sometimes I think I whine too much when I speak about gay rights. The political gay guy will usually attend gay rallies/pride and be on the forefront, defending gay marriages and what not. Being more radical, this type of gay guy will give up anything to get his social agenda across and they have a sense of anger towards homophobia-related issues.

4. The Party-Freak Gay

Very similar to the Queen, this type of gay who is often stereotyped about. They are at every party, art gallery, festival, etc. and always up in the clubs shaking their booty. The thing I find very annoying about them is that they expect everyone else to do what they do. They are very judgmental towards other gay types, especially the introverted gay. Their lifestyle motto is: “Fake it till you make it.”

5. The Queen

To be a drag performer, you must be equipped with a lot of sass, which is what the queen has. The queen doesn’t necessarily perform in drag attire, but the queen is the mother of drama and Chairperson of Bitch High! The queen feeds on attention. If people are not talking about them or looking at them, the queen will do anything in their power to become the center of attention. They are loud and very shady. The queen can be any gay man who creates drama wherever they go, usually for no apparent reason. Just for the purpose of throwing shade and being dramatic. I find queens very unnecessary and obnoxious, simply because they will break down someone’s self-esteem just to create drama and put the spotlight on themselves.

All in all, this are part of different personalities gay men possess and it is not wrong to be who you are and to do what makes you happy. Be who you are and do what you do!


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