Top 10 Gay-Themed Songs You Need To Have On Your Playlist!


More and more gay musicians and cover artists use same-sex nouns and pronouns in their music. Some of this songs are about empowerment, hope, self-acceptance and love, which all resonate with the gay community. Queer singers connect more with fans when they’re truthful with their language.

It is very inspirational for us, queer people, when we hear a gay man singing about loving another man or listening to a lesbian singing about loving a female lover, or a bisexual musician singing about loving both men and women. The following are my favourite LGBT+ themed songs and I encourage you to watch the music videos below and share your opinion!

10. Matt Fishel- “Finally”

In 2014, the British singer, songwriter, music producer and record label owner won the RightOutTV Music & Video Award for Best Lyric Video, for this song. The song speaks about finally finding true love and is super gay themed!


9. Jaremi Carey- “All Mine”

Popularly known as RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Phi-Phi O’Hara, Carey is a talented enough for a career in the music business. “All Mine” is rumored to be about his boyfriend, Michael.  “‘All Mine’ is about all the little things that irritate you, tick you off or make you laugh that you could never live without in you partner. I wanted to show a multitude of couples and how no matter your background, race, age, sex, gender we all have something in common which is love, and when it is true love… just works.” Carey said in an interview with Papermag.


8. The Veronicas- “On Your Side”

This lesbian-themed song is about wishing an ex-lover happiness in spite of the heartache caused by the relationship ending. the song features Ruby Rose. The song is co-written by the Veronicas twins, Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso with Wayne Hector and Jim Eliot.


7. Rayvon Owen- “Can’t Fight It”

The song in its own accord is inspiring. Owen completely changed the ending part of the song and came out to the world in this song. “When I read that treatment, I knew I couldn’t be dishonest,” Owen told Billboard, “not that I ever lied to people in the past, but the truth had been omitted. I felt like I was doing a disservice because I’ve always been an honest, loving person.” Watch!


6. Parson James- “Sinner Like You”

In this song, James, a gay, biracial and a preacher takes the listener through a compelling story, with the singer confessing to his mother that he’s sinned, having gone to bed with another man. The song opens with an upfront confrontation with his sexuality and takes one through a rousing sermon on acceptance and perseverance. Watch it below!


5. Eli Lieb- “Young Love”

In this catchy, uplifting pop/rock song, Lieb avoids gay right cliches and sexual politics and focuses on love as he continuously exchanges glances with the man featured in the video. The video focuses on the closeness of two men.


4. Doug Locke- “#ThisCouldBeUs”

This beautiful song makes one think about a lost lover. “We all have those former loves that, while life may have lead us in different directions, we find ourselves reminiscing over, daydreaming about what could have been. I’m a firm believer that once you give a person a piece of your heart, you never truly get it back,”Locke said in a statement to The Huffington Post.


3. Todrick Hall- “It Gets Better”

This is one of the songs that make motivates the entire LGBT+ community going through bigotry and hypocrisy. In a world full of hate, Todrick sends out a message to the gay youth that things get better with time. Watch the video:


2. Matthew Connor- “How Is July Already Over”

Focusing on the rise and fall of a promising relationship, the song follows Connor’s character as he tears himself apart by remembering all the places where he and his ex-lover fell in love.


1. Neon Trees- “Songs I Listen To”

One of my ultimate favourite songs, “Songs I listen to” gives me so much life! The video stars Neon Trees front-man Tyler Glenn and screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black, as a couple in the throes of a tumultuous relationship.


Additional Information from Wikipedia.

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