My Encounter With A Homophobic Christian

Yesterday I had one of the few, most personal conversation with a homophobic Christian. I usually encounter homophobes but rarely had anyone personally questioning my sexuality (in my face) and its relation to god, the Christian god to be specific. 
First of all, I do not believe or live my life according to a religion. So attacking my sexuality with a god of any kind is not going to work.

Growing up, I read the bible. So this homophobic, Christian female tried to school me on what is wrong and what is right. Mind you, this is a person who had sex before marriage and gave birth to a baby whose father she is not in a relationship with. According to the bible it is an abomination. She is supposed to be dead.

Among others, we spoke abouy the following:

“Homosexuality is ungodly.” The woman said.

“Gurl, your entire life choices are ungodly. Do you see me judging you based on a book? If you so believe in that book, please kill yourself and make god proud.” I said.

“No why would I? Adam and Eve are the original sinners. They have sinned therefore we are prone to sin. We are human and god is a loving god and he forgives everything. You just have to repent your sins while you are still on earth.”

“Have you repended your sins?”

“Not yet, but I am a Christian.”

“Why is my sin greater than yours?”

“Homosexuality is not from god. God forbids it in the bible.”

“God also forbids spreading your legs before marriage, yet you are seated here. Unbothered.” 

“No he doesn’t. There is nothing like that in the bible. Either way, those are minor sins. I am not changing myself like you gay people do. It is just not normal to for two men to kiss.”

I was speechless. I almost slapped sense into the woman but I am too fab to hit a woman. Or man. Or anyone… Anyways, I mean how stupid and selfish does that sound? I guess she does not read or know the bible and isn’t that just sad, especially if you claim to be Christian?

Religious people should look deep into their hearts and question their anti-gay statements and reasoning before they judge other people. If I were to live my life according to the bible, I wouldn’t judge someone else’s sin while I am a sinner. You cannot be doing abominable acts and judge or hate someone else for doing the same.

It is in the same bible where it says no sin is greater than the other and that god is the only judge there must be.

Dear humanity, can we all live in harmony as people with faults? Can we not make up baseless arguments to defend selfishness? Can we be less selfish. Can I as a homosexual man, live my life the way I see fit without being told my sexuality is ungodly?

To my religious readers, can you leave my lifestyle choices and my desire to marry the man I love in god’s hands? Please realise that you do not have the right to judge my life as you are not god? Also be so kind not to turn a blind eye on your faults and only choose to see mine. We are all human and if I have to go to hell for being gay, let me go.

It is not your place to tell me who to love and how to love them. Let me sin the same way you sin.

Also, if you have a problem with gays, you need to look deep into yourself and ask yourself where your closeted self will find a homosexual male or female to f*uck if we are all killed or imprisoned.

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  1. Pete says:

    To those self-professed Christians who feel a need to accost others engaged in what they feel is sinful:
    Love is patient. Are you being patient?
    Love is kind. Are you being kind?
    Love does not envy. Are you behaving in a manner that some may see as envious?
    Love does not boast. Are you boasting?
    Love is not proud. Are you being proud?
    Love does not dishonor others. Are you being dishonorable?
    Love is not easily angered. Are you feeling angry at the accosted for their sin?
    Love is not self-seeking. Are your actions for yourself, for God, or for the person to whom you are speaking?
    Love does not keep record of wrongs. Are you creating a mental tally of the sins of the person to whom you are speaking?
    Love does not delight in evil. Are you taking some delight in that sin? (I sure hope not, for this one)
    Love rejoices in truth. You are speaking the Word of God, but are you speaking the truth of God? (No, they aren’t actually the same thing)
    Why this is all important:
    Paul wrote that if he speak with the very voices of Heaven, but do so without love, he is no more meaningful than a clanging gong.
    John wrote that those who do not love do not know God.
    Back to the questions.
    Is the person to whom you are speaking more likely to hear wisdom, or more likely to hear a metaphorical gong?
    Is that person going to believe you when you claim to know God?
    Lastly a recommendation: treat those who sin the way Jesus treated the corrupt and thieving tax collector.

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  2. QueerSky says:

    Pete thank you for your meaningful contribution…!❤


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