#Pride2017: 10 Things You Need To Thank Gay Men For

Photo: Me and Best Friend.❤

June is queer appreciation month, it is Pride Month. Gay people the world over celebrate their sexual identity with their loved ones. Bigotry and hypocrisy is still high but we have certainly come a long way, and the support we are getting is much bigger compared to 50 years ago. People are becoming more and more accepting and open-minded. Thank you!

But as gay men, specifically, we have to deal with a whole lot of covfefe from our friends, especially our female friends, the fag-hags of our lives. 

In overall, we set an example by showing our friends how to stand up for who they are and what they believe in.

This being the Pride month, I have listed down 10 things every female friend of every gay man needs to be thankful for:

1. For coming to your defense when some loud ass bitch messes with you! I swear all my life I have done this and still feel the need to defend my girls when under attack from random hoes.

2. For putting on his strong, manly voice when some creep is trying to hit on you or touches you with his sweaty paws.

3. Being the only one who will tell you when you’ve gained too much weight.

4. Teaching you everything he knows about blow jobs. You see, because I have a penis and you don’t.

5. Being your stand-in boyfriend when you need one for romantic movies or horrors. Grab on me for dear life, bitch!

6. For being the perfect shoulder to bitch on. Seriously, over the years, my soul has taken in so much emotional baggage.

7. Understanding that your boyfriend is going to take a minute, because he’s so self-absorbed that he thinks any gay man is going to hit on him. And for taking in that: “My boyfriend says he doesn’t like gays.” Thanks, Susan.

8. Going to a last-minute formal, date, event, or wedding with you when the guy you were talking to breaks your heart.

9. For being your Budha, giving you those wise words when you need them. Yeah honey, don’t cry over his dumb ass, you will find a much better dick to suck.

10. Being brutally honest. Even if it breaks your heart. Truth hurts sweety!

These are all my views, from my perspective as a gay man.

I bet you wanna show your friend how much you support him. To help change support his right to exist,   donate here:


#MyQueerSky @QueerSky @MyQueerSky on Twitter


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